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Taking the
out of Judaica

Think-Yiddish.com presents a collection of gifts and accessories selected for the Jew who appreciates "Yiddishkeit"1 but who probably does not speak Yiddish. An equal opportunity e-tailer, we are happy to sell to all, regardless of their religious affiliation. We will answer all ad or product related questions to the best of our ability. Theological questions had best be addressed to your clergy.

Think-Yiddish.com is the brainchild of longtime e-tailer Dalia Lavon. Dalia, possessor of a "Yiddishe Kopf"
2 since birth, has made it her mission to encourage participation in Jewish ritual by offering witty, useful and attractive accoutrements for the holy and the everyday. In real life, she is a boring Lawn Giland3 housewife with two genius, creative and gorgeous daughters (vous noch4?) and a wonderful husband. She tries not to be either a yenta5 or a kvetch6. 

1 Literally, "Jewishness" but with the emphasis on nostalgia rather than observance
Literally, "a Jewish head" but means "smarts"
Long Island, NY. WHAT accent?!!
What else?
A gossip
A complainer

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